The Wellness Restoration Project

EP 17 - Caring for your Creativity with LeAndra Baker

Episode Summary

LeAndra Baker, the owner, artist and maker behind the brilliant dyed fibers of Created by Elsie B joins me again - we dive deeper into the healing that she found through bringing a childhood craft back to life and the continual work of healing that is required to allow her space to create inside her business and her life. If you've struggled with life not going the way you had planned - You'll love this sweet interview with LeAndra. And if you are ready to start some healing of your own- The Energy Restoration Project, my premier women's health program, is open for enrollment, with new features and support that you've been asking for. Click here to learn more You can find LeAndra (better known as CreatedbyElsieb) on Instagram or check out her website Come join me on Instagram or my private Facebook Group or my website